Dlala Thukzin Releases Highly Anticipated Single “Clap Clap”

From seeing snippets of Dlala Thukzin’s latest single on his Instagram stories and him being the only dj playing it in clubs, the entire nation has waited long enough for the wavy song “Clap Clap.” Thuthuka Zindlovu also known as Thukzin (22) who’s one of the fastest growing brands in the Durban entertainment scene has captured the hearts of all music lovers with his song ‘Clap Clap’ and his unique talent of deejaying. The song ‘Clap Clap’ got so much love whenever Thukzin dropped it in between his sets months before it was released. The entire crowd would go crazy waiting for the bass to drop and everyone starts clapping their hands rhythmically. This resulted in people making memes about the song and people on all social networks begging Thukzin to release the song. When asked how the title came about, Thukzin said “I posted a snippet of the song on Instagram and asked people what I should name this song and they suggested ‘Clap Clap’ and it made sense for it to be named Clap Clap.” Thukzin wanted to create a fun song for people that love entertainment and give people something to do while enjoying his music. After months of waiting and begging, Dlala Thukzin – Clap Clap is now available on all digital platforms such as; Joox, iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Deezer and Amazon. We are now clapping all the way to 2020!

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