Youtube to add new features for Live stream

INTERNATIONAL - YouTube announced two new features to improve the viewing experience for users who watch live streams on the video channel. 


The company said it will be adding automatic English captions to live streams whenever captions are not made available to the viewer. The company stated that it is part of its goal to make streams accessible for larger amounts of viewers around the world. 

These captions will use the company’s live automatic speech recognition (LASR) technology and is powered by machine learning. 

Youtube added that the Automatic live stream captions will be available sometime in the coming weeks.

Secondly, YouTube is now going to preserve and replay the chats that happened during a live stream. 

Live chat replays will show up beside the video and playback in sync while you’re watching. Another feature that will be added is location tagging. 

Once a location is added in a stream, it will then allow viewers to see if there are other live streams happening in the same area. 


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