Monday, December 17, 2018

Whether your answer to this question is yes or no, the fact remains that he is now the new president of the African National Congress.

The ANC delegates have picked their preferred candidate to lead the party into a recovering path during the 54th NEC conference a few days ago. Ramaphosa managed to secure a total of 2 440 votes beating his competitor, Nkosazana Dlamini- Zuma who managed to get 2 261 votes.

Ramaphosa’s triumph signals a beginning of a better ANC which has a good chance of retaining power after the 2019 national elections. His victory is also great news for the markets as the rand strengthened after his victory announcement.

Ramaphosa being the new ANC president also has restored confidence in many South Africans.

Andries Sibanyoni says that he is happy with the results and believes that Ramaphosa was the best option.

“He is the credible leader that will take our country’s economy to greener heights. He will bring unity to the movement, the rand also reacted positively to his presidency so I think that there is a lot to look forward to,” he said.

He also expressed his concern with some of the top 6 that were in Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma’s slate.

“The man we should be should be concerned about is, Ace, he is in the corrupt faction yet he won one of the most influential post.”

Thabiso Motaung says that, Comrade Cyril Ramaphosa is the right person to lead the ANC.

“He has very good struggle credentials and is a capable leader. He will disappoint many by empowering black people,” he said.

Richard Sibayi is also team #CR17. He says that Ramaphosa is the right person that will be able to unite the country.

“He is also running lucrative businesses, I think his experience will help to revive our beloved country,” he said.

Not everyone is singing Ramaposa’s praises though. Some people are still critical mainly because of his involvement in the Marikana Massacre a few years ago.

Senzo Gumede was one of those who were not happy with the outcome of the results.

“The same Ramaphosa that killed Marikana miners not so long ago, when will the followers of the ANC learn?” he wrote on Facebook.

Ntokozo Maduna posted on a Facebook political group and said that he is willing to forgive white people for apartheid but will never forgive Cyril Ramaphosa for Marikana.

Other critics of Ramaphosa claim that he is a face for white monopoly capital (WMC) with zero interest in bettering the lives of black people.